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Geekqualize Episode 113: Catches Bullets with his Teeth?

August 21st, 2016


RIP Kenny Baker! This week we review the Netflix Luke Cage trailer There are rumors of some directorial shakeups for the upcoming DC movies. Michael Jai White is interested in playing Black Manta. We rank the best incarnations of the joker on film. an angry ex employee writes a scathing letter to WB... Ghostbusters takes a $100 million loss. Konami craps on Kojima's legacy with Metal Gear Solid Survive we review, Tyrant, The season Finale of preacher, Mr Robot and much more.


Geekqualize Episode 112: Assemble your task force x

August 15th, 2016


We get some updates on some of the villains of this season of Supergirl. We discuss the branding strategies of superheroes. DC fans were upset at the suicide squad reviews. we review Suicide Squad. We build our own Suicide Squad Review Mr Robot, Tyrant, Preacher and much more. 


Geekqualize Episode 111: Begun, the Clone wars have

August 5th, 2016


We return from Classic Game Fest with a recap of a few things that happened. We also give a few pokemon Go updates. There is a Berserk Video game in the works as well as a few other games coming down the pipeline Sega  is releasing a portable console of their own. We get an update on the animated Justice League Dark movie. We give a review of the Killing Joke. 50 cent has a superhero series in the works. We review Mr Robot, Preacher and much more


Geekqualize Episode 110: Comic-con strikes again!

July 27th, 2016


this week we do a run down from a few of of the happenings from san-diego comic con Nintendo is going to be releasing a miniature NES we go through the show. we go through a list of the total number of games nintendo has released. We review tyrant, Mr Robot and much more


Geekqualize Episode 109: Pokemon Going and such

July 19th, 2016


Talk about the phenomenon which is Pokemon go. Ubisoft has lowered expectations on the Assassins creed movie CW lands an exclusive streaming deal for netflix. we review Tyrant, Preacher and much more


Geekqualize Episode 108: You might need to take this L

July 10th, 2016


Death Note's american live action adaptation  has some different casting which gets some  people online in an uproar. We do a small review of the Voltron reboot, Kabaneri of the Iron fortress. We run down the full list of TV shows that have been renewed or cancelled in 2016 we review Preacher and much more


Geekqualize Episode 107: Space, the Final Litigation

July 6th, 2016


CBS and Paramount issue strict guidelines for future Star Trek fan films. Bryan Cranston sheds light on his Zordon role for the upcoming power rangers movies. a Silver Sable Movie is in the works from Sony. Rumor has it that Fox has flirted with the idea of showing up in marvel universe. We also discuss the proposed DC movie slate. We review preacher and much more

The Playlist Episode 33: Fantasy Collab Draft

June 25th, 2016


The DFE is joined by their friend Kencyclopedia a walking compendium of hip-hop history. We discuss a variety of fantasy Collaborations between various hip-hop acts as well as collaborations from people from other genres. we also discuss the artist that we would love to collaborate with ourselves. with music from Versis Keenan Coke, Phil Harmonix with Mega Ran and Diggz x Jaqkel and much more


Geekqualize Episode 105: E3.. The Rundown

June 20th, 2016


There is a Marvel comic series being developed for Cinemax entitled Scarlet. Donald Glover has been casted in a mystery role for Spider-man: Homecoming. We cover the ins and outs of E3. we review preacher and much more


Geekqualize Episode 104: Don Draper Uses Phrasing

June 11th, 2016


We feature the newly released game Edge of Nowhere. We Reminisce on the greatness of the Def Jam fighting game series. Superman will appear on Supergirl season 2... we also discuss the big bad for Arrow season 5  an Archer live action movie is in the works featuring Jon Hamm. Jon boyega will be the star of Pacific Rim 2. Star Wars : Rogue One is currently doing reshoots. X-men Danger Room Protocols has been compiled and put on Youtube we also recap Fear The Walking Dead


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