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Geekqualize Episode 147: Let’s Play Sports!… Video Games…

April 25th, 2017


This episode's topics are...

What are some of your favorite non-maintream/non-realistic sports video games?

Given what the world currently knows about pop culture, how do we fare in various post-apocalyptic scenarios?

(Zombies, Titans, Strigoi)

(Follow up) How do we think we'd live in a world like Farenheit 451?

Check it out!


Geekqualize Episode 146: Weapon? Who Needs a Weapon?

April 15th, 2017


In this episode, we'll be discussing...

You have the opportunity to create and own the patent for one piece of fictional tech in the real world. what do you choose and more importantly what do you do with it?

What social rules and infrastructure would you set up if you ran a small nation?

Which Hero/Villain who usually fight with a weapon, would still be useful/dangerous without it even though they depend mostly depend on that item?

What comic book adaptation to Movie/TV should get a R or mature rating,which one would be necessary to tell a good story?



Geekqualize Episode 145: Ground Control to Major Tom

April 6th, 2017


The song title just seemed a bit fitting...  but sorry, nothing about Bowie here...  Instead, we discuss the following...

What are some of the animated shows that aired on Toonami/Adult swim that you enjoyed the most?

If you were in the Full Metal Alchemist universe and studied alchemy/alcahestry, what would be your specialty?

If you were in the Naruto universe, who would you want to be your sensei/mentor/trainer?

If you were in the Bleach universe, what Gotei 13 squad would you want to be a part of or who would you want to teach you?

Feel free to weigh in with your choices!


Geekqualize Episode 144: Immerse Yourselves

March 29th, 2017


Episode 144 has Nyte & Juice Lee (Leago was out sick) discussing...

What do you think the first big changes would be in society if fully immersive games like Dot Hack Sign or Sword Art Online became a reality in this world?

What would be the downside of superpowers?

If you could bring a notable person back from the dead, in their prime (with the known version of them having lived their life and this 'resurrected' version of them being an 'alternate' version), who would it be and how might their life be different?

Let us know what you think.


Geekqualize Episode 143: Wanna Fight About It?

March 26th, 2017


The discussion topics for episode 143 are...

How would villains fare as heroes and vice versa?

What fictional stories (movies, novels, etc) that don’t have a recent game or a game at all might be good to make as video games?

What movie or tv series has some of the best fight sequences?

Who are some of the most hated/feared fictional Characters?

Listen and enjoy!


Geekqualize Episode 142: Teammates or Rivals?

March 21st, 2017


In episode 142 of Geekqualize, we discuss the following 2 questions...

If characters from certain universes met, would they team up or would they fight it out?

(We ran a bit long on this one)

What characters have the most epic quotes?

Hope you enjoyed our long discussion!


Geekqualize Episode 141: But How Did It Get To This Point?

March 12th, 2017


GQ 141's discussion questions are...

What director/producer/writer would make the best/worst/most insane play due to their style?

What characters/stories would you want some sort of prequel/background story/flashback (one shot, movie or series) for?

How would certain characters fare in other universes?

Do the length of seasons effect whether or not you want to watch a series?

Hope you enjoy!


Geekqualize Episode 140: If Only I Had The Power…

March 5th, 2017


This podcast's discussion topic are:

What fictional biological or mythological item would have the greatest impact on our world?

If there was an awards show just for geeky shows/movies, what sort of awards would be good to have?

What anime needs a good completion story or continuation?

You get one ability to dominate a fictional world. What ability do you choose and what world do you dominate?

Hope you enjoy!


Geekqualize Episode 139: Fight First, Ask Questions Later

February 26th, 2017


The topic questions for episode #139 of Geekqualize are...

What movies or shows do you think could be great if given an anime treatment (series or OVA)?

What do you think of Rick Grime's "three questions"? What would be your three questions?

What are some of the best fictional fights?

What would be some great cameos in or spin-offs from Marvel/DC movies or tv shows (or other types of shows)?

Listen in as we discuss.


Geekqualize Episode 138: It’s Just a Game… Unless It’s More…

February 19th, 2017


The topic questions for episode #138 of Geekqualize are...

What game do you think could work well as a movie or series (animated or live action)?

What video games made you rage/quit?

What fictional family would you want to be born into?

What story would you like to see from a different character's perspective (or see as a spinn-off)?

Listen in as we discuss.


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