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Geekqualize Episode 176: How’d You Get To Be So Bad?

February 10th, 2018


In this episode, we start off talking about villains and antagonists that we would like to see more backstory on. From there, we somehow get to talking about Dragon Ball stuff. I'm not sure how that happens. If you're not a DB fan, forgive us. Either way, we hope you enjoy!

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Geekqualize Episode 175: Substitute Ether

January 17th, 2018


In this episode, we discuss movies and tv shows that we wouldn't mind seeing as comic books. We also dip a bit into transhumanism and discuss what minds would be like if they could get transferred into new bodies. Check it out.


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Geekqualize Episode 174: Looking Back As We Look Forward

January 11th, 2018


This is our first podcast of the year and we do a look back at some of the things we enjoyed from 2017 and also talk about some of what we're looking for for 2018. We're gearing up for the next con and we have some more content on youtube. Check it out.

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Geekqualize Episode 173: Wrestling with Universes

December 22nd, 2017


On our final podcast of 2017, we discuss...

Why is wrestling the only thing in Geek fandom seemingly under its own genre?

Which timeline would be the coolest to live in? Which would be the worst?

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The Playlist #36 (Part 2): The Ghost of Wackness Past

December 5th, 2017


We have no business calling out wack artists from the current day if we can't say something about the awful ones from the past. This part of the podcast is dedicated to talking about how as much as listeners our age complain about current rap, there was a lot to complain about when we were coming up to. Check it out.


The Playlist #36 (Part 1): Underrated & Overrated

December 4th, 2017


We resurrect The Playlist and bring back friend of the show Ken to discuss underrated and overrated music artists. This is part one of the podcast. We had gone so long without doing one of these that we had to do a whole extra hour the same day. Hope you enjoy!


Geekqualize Episode 172: We Really Want Your Upvotes

November 16th, 2017


So we don't get 'corrected', check out our topics for this episode...

What characters from the same universe do you think would make a great sitcom together?

What fictional ruler would have the greatest impact on our current geopolitical situation?

How would society function if everything we did was voted on? (Inspired by Orville's 'Majority Rule' episode and Black Mirror's 'Nosedive' episode)


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Geekqualize Episode 171: Let’s Mix It Up At The Arcade

November 4th, 2017


The topic for this episode are...

What video games did you spend the most time playing at the arcade?

If you could get a technological or genetic alteration/augmentation done to your body, would you and what would you get done?

If you had to have your dna spliced with an animal, what animal would you choose?


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Geekqualize Episode 170: Politics and Fighting Around the World…

October 27th, 2017


For episode 170, we discuss the following...

Would you want a genetically/cybernetically advanced fighting league? Would you want an all robot fighting league?

What political affiliation/alignment/system do you think various fictional characters would have/want?

If they actually had a flat earth searching reality tv show, would you watch? What flat earth related theories would you want them to investigate? Are there other ridiculous theories you’d watch people try to prove?


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Geekqualize Episode 169: If I Could Be A Superhero…

October 26th, 2017


Todays topics are:

Someone finds out that you have special abilities, and the first thing they do is tell an authority figure. What do you do to disappear or blend back in with the general public?

You get a chance to master one fictional non-uber-destructive attack. What do you choose?

If you were to be cast for a role in a Marvel/DC movie, what character would you want to play?

You get to create a new movie, live action series and cartoon/anime…  What do you pick for each?  One each for Marvel and DC.


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